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    NARNIA  - Pins

    narnia knappar narnia knappar narnia knappar narnia knappar

    Cool Narnia pins are now in store! Click on the pictures to see better what they look like ($3/2,5€) - in store

    NARNIA  - Coffee Mug

    narnia mugg Cool exclusive coffee mug for all Narnia fans. ($25/€22)

    NARNIA  - Mouse Pad

    narnia musmatta Cool exclusive mouse pad with the Narnia logotype! (12$/10€) - in store

    NARNIA - Awakening Poster
    Brand new cool and big
    original poster in perfect condition! Size
    59 x 84 cm. ($7/€6 in store)

    NARNIA - Long Live The King / Desert Land Poster
    Brand new cool original poster in perfect condition! Size: 35 x 50 cm. ($4/€3 in store)

    AUDIOVISION - Poster
    Rare original poster in perfect condition! Size: 35 x 50 cm. ($4/€3 in store)

     Michael Sweet mini gitarrSTRYPER - Michael Sweet's mini guitar!
    Exact replica of Michael Sweet's classic yellow and black guitar! The guitar is ca 25 cm long and material is mahogny. Looks great on the shelf or the loudspeaker! ($33/€28).

    STRYPER - By His Strypes       
    Very beautiful and exclusive Stryper book! The book contains over 200 pages with photos in full color of highest quality from the band's career. Very professional, beautiful and very exclusive book that has been printed in 2000 copies only!

    Very beautiful and cool book and must for all Stryper fans! Since the book is very exclusive and rare price is $60/€50. When these are gone you will not be able to get this book any longer. (in store)

    Strypers biografiSTRYPER - Loud΄n΄Clear      

    The biography of Stryper! The authors have interviewed the band members and book contains plenty of interesting information! It also contains many cool pictures. Very interesting read and a must have for all who wants to know more about this legendary band! ($15/€11 in store)

    stryper plektrumSTRYPER - pick
    Very cool Stryper pick in yellow and black. ($7/€6 )

      STRYPER - THWTD Poster
    Very cool original poster. Size: 58 x 83
       cm. ($15/€13)

      STRYPER - Doorsize Poster
    Very cool and very big poster! Fits perfect to put on your door. ($20/€17)

    Oz Fox mini gitarrSTRYPER - Oz Fox mini-gitarr!
    Exact replica of Oz Fox classic yellow and black guitar! The guitar is ca 25 cm long and material is mahogny. ($33/€28).

      STRYPER - necklace
        Very cool necklace with the Stryper logo! ($10/€9  in store)

      STRYPER - Starburst Poster
        Cool original poster in size 58 x 83 cm from 1986! ($15/€13)

    STRYPER - Soldiers Under Command (white vinyl)
    Soldiers album on white vinyl! ($27/€22)

    STRYPER - Yellow and Black Attack (blue vinyl)
    Special edition of first album on blue vinyl and with circular cover! ($20/€17 in store)

    stryperreachoutmini.jpg STRYPER - Reach  Out  12"
    Cool LP featuring Reach Out and Together As One. It also contains a 20 minute interview with Michael and Robert Sweet. ($16/€13 )

    thwtdangelcovermini.jpgSTRYPER - To Hell With The Devil Gatefold
    THWTD with the cool angel cover! See picture ($20/€17 in store)

    strypershapedmini.jpgSTRYPER - Shaped Picture Disc 7"
    Extremely cool vinyl shaped after the Stryper logo!! Contains the tracks Always There For You and In God We Trust. This has to be the coolest Stryper item ever! ($20/€17 in store)

    igwtpicturediscmini.jpgSTRYPER - In God We Trust Picture Disc
    Cool picture album with the Stryper logo and pictures of the band members printed on the vinyl. ($27/€22 in store)

    interviewpicturediscmini.jpgSTRYPER - Interview Picture Disc
    Exclusive picture album with pictures of Michael Sweet and Timothy Gaines printed on vinyl. Also contains 45 minutes interesting interview with Michael Sweet ($20/€17) in store

    thwtdpicturediscmini.jpgSTRYPER - To Hell With The Devil Picture Disc Numbered picture album with pictures from the band members printed on vinyl. Very cool! ($33/€28)


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