honestly michael sweet biography MICHAEL  SWEET - Honestly
    New edition of Michael Sweet's biography! Michael Sweet of Stryper shares his life in this biography without candy coating anything. Honestly he talks talks about the good and the hard times, his mistakes and happy moments. Features lots of interesting information about him and Stryper. A must read for all Stryper fans! ($33/€33)

    metal devo - daily devotions for metalheads - pastor bob beeman METAL DEVO - Daily Devotions for Metalheads - Pastor Bob Beeman
    Metal Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International has written this very cool and interesting Metal Devo that will inspire you day by day to follow Jesus. There is a short devotional for each day of the year. I can highly recommend the 389 pages of wisdom and encouragement in this cool book! ($25/€25)

    stryper 53:5 devotional STRYPER - 53:5 Devotionals
    Very cool book where the the band's tour Pastor has compiled short 5 minute Bible studies of 53 Stryper tracks! ($30/€30)

    metal missionary steve rowe mortification biography METAL  MISSIONARY: The  Steve  Rowe  Story
    Steve Rowe's biography! Very interesting and inspiring and very personal biography about his life, Mortification, his battle with cancer and much much more. Ca 300 pages filled with interesting info! ($33/€33)

    STRYPER - By  His  Strypes Limited Edition       
    Amazingly cool, goodlooking and exklusive Stryper book! This rare limited edition book contains over 200 pages of photos in full colour of highest quality from the band's career. Very professional, goodlooking and exclusive book that was printed in 2000 copies only!

    Very cool book and definately a must have for all Stryper fans! If you are interested you better buy this before all copies are sold out...

    We are now down to the very last copies! Unfortunately though the cover and back of the remaining books have a condition like if they were used, hence the discounted price. But inside they look great! ($30/€30 $60/€60)

    Strypers biografi loud'n'clearSTRYPER - Loud´n´Clear (Biography)      

    Stryper's biography! The book is based on interviews with the band members and contains plenty of interesting information. It also has quite a few cool pictures. Very interesting and inspiring read and a must to all who wants to know more about this legendary band! We are now down to the very last copies and unfortunately the cover and back of the remaining books have a condition like if they were used, hence the low price. But inside they look great! ($15/€15)

    metal bible the bible for all who love Metal!THE METAL BIBLE  
    This is the Bible for all us that love Metal! What makes this Bible unique is that is besides the New Testament (in NLT) also contains real life stories of metalheads that talk about what God and the Bible means to them. The cover and all fonts are also in true metal style making this not only an interesting read but also the ultimate Bible to add to your Metal collection.

    Featuring person's like: Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Brian Welsh (Korn), Peter Baltes (Accept), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Rob Rock, Michael Sweet (Stryper), Ken Tamplin, Metal Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International), Shadows of Paragon, Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn), Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén (Crimson Moonlight), Christian Rivel (Narnia, Divinefire, Golden Resurrection), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Ulf Christiansson (Jerusalem), Michael Hero (Sons of Thunder, Hero), Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine), Slav Simanic, Richard Lynch (Saint), Steve Rowe (Mortification), Ted Kirkpatrick (Tourniquet), Herbie Langhans & Mike Pflüger (Seventh Avenue), Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia), Jani Stefanovic (Renascent), Scott Waters (Ultimatum), Batista (Antidemon), John Schlitt (Petra), Miguel Martinez (Exousia), Gabriela Sepúlveda (Boanerges), Rod Rivera & Johnny Bomma (Rivera/Bomma) and many more!

    On the link below you will get a glimpse of what the Metal Bible looks like. You won't be dissapointed!
    Metal Bible preview

    The Metal Bible is available in English, Spanish, Swedish, German, Dutch, Russian, Bulgarian, French, Danish, Czech and Polish. The more copies you order the better price you will get per each.

    1-2 Metal Bibles cost $10 (€10) each
    3-49 Metal Bibles cost $6 (€6) each
    50 Metal Bibles or more cost $4 (€4) each

    ULF  CHRISTIANSSON - Det var värt alltihop (It was worth it all)
    Biography of Ulf Christiansson, the vocalist of Jerusalem. Written in Swedish. Very interesting and inspiring read from this pioneer of Christian Hard Rock! ($27/€27)

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