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    Stryper - Live in Indonesia DVD STRYPER - Live in Indonesia DVD
    Cool DVD featuring Sing Along Song, Murder By Pride, Loud'n'Clear, The Rock That Makes Me Roll, Reach Out Calling On You, Free, More Than a Man, Honestly, The Way, Soldiers Under Command, To Hell With the Devil, Open Your Eyes samt All For One. Great sound quality! Check out soundclips on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZARcZd2H2ps

    Jerusalem - Live 2006 DVDJERUSALEM - Live 2006 DVD
    Double DVD with the classic melodic hardrockers Jerusalem from their fantastic jubileum tour! Two Jerusalem settings play on the gig and in the end both settings play at the same time! this makes the sound heavier and tunes like Noa and Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent have never sounds this heavy and good before. Contains 24 låtar including all classics from their whole career plus 6 videos, interviews with all the band members (in Swedish), pictures etc. This is ultimate Jerusalem Box and a must have for all Jerusalem fans! ($21/€18)

    Bloodgood - Rock Theater - Shaking The World DVD BLOODGOOD - Rock Theater - Shaking The World DVD
    Fantastic DVD! Pure Classic Metal of highest calibre. What makes this DVD to something extraordinary is the cool scen show and all the actors that through drama visually shows the message in Bloodgood tunes. This is like a musical in metal style! This is without a doubt a must have for all the enjoy Classic Melodic Metal! ($10/€8)

    HB - Cany You Road DVD HB - Can You Road DVD
    Cool DVD with symphonic metal band HB with a play time of over hours featuring both concert and bonus material. Nice symphonic Nightwish influenced Metal with female vocals. A must have for all HB fans! ($16/€13)

    Stryper - Greatest Hits - Live in Puerto Rico DVD STRYPER - Greatest Hits - Live In Puerto Rico DVD
    Recorded 2004 in San Juan, Puerto Rico with all original members in front of a very enthusiastic Stryperized crowd. Contains the tracks: Sing Along Song, Makes Me Wanna Sing, Calling On You, Free, More Than a Man, Caught in the Middle, You Won't Be Lonely, Reach Out, Loud and Clear, The Way, Soldiers Under Command, To Hell With the Devil, Honestly and Winter Wonderland. Definately a most have for all Stryper fans! ($16/€13)

    Narnia - At Short Notice Live In Germany DVDNARNIA - At Short Notice Live in Germany DVD
    Very Professional Live DVD with Narnia! Recorded 2003 in front of 1800 persons. Features classics from their whole career + a mini documentary about the band. Fantastic sound- and picture quality. DVD truly shows Narnia at their best. Definately a most have for all Narnia fans! ($16/€13)

    Tourniquet - Till Sverige Med Kärlek DVDTOURNIQUET - Till Sverige med kärlek DVD
    DVD from Tourniquet's amazing gig at Bobfest 2003! According to the band this is the the most professional live recording ever with the band. ($16/€13)

    Rob Rock - Live in Atlanta DVDROB ROCK - Live In Atlanta DVD
    Rob Rock DVD loaded to the bonew with Melodic Metal classics! Contains the tracks: Garden Of Chaos, First Winds Of The End Of Time, Rock The Earth, In The Night, Slayer Of Souls, Judgment Day, Only A Matter Of Time, This Time Is The Last Time, Savior's Call, Metal Breed samt I'm a Warrior. DVD also contains bonus material with Joshua and Impellitteri. Very professional DVD with excellent sound- and picture quality! Highly recommended! DVD is region free. ($10/€8)

    Saint - Alive DVD SAINT - Alive Forever DVD-  
    Finally a live dvd with this classic Heavy Metal band! Ca 2 hours playtime featuring several gigs from the last years as well as from the golden 80s. The DVD also features two professional videos. A must have for all Saint fans! ($10/€8) -->

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