Here you can see cds, t-shirts and other cool stuff that will be added to the shop. You can also preorder these items. If you preorder it is easier for me to know how many copies I shall order.

THEOCRACY - Mirror of Souls LP
Finally Theocracy's 2nd album will be released on a double LP (gatefold)! Released on both black (350 copies) and transparent vinyl (150 copies). Brilliant Melodic Metal with huge sing-along-choruses and catchy harmonies! Look for a release on the end of November.

ETERNAL DECISION - Eternal Decision
Great metal album with Metallica influenced vocals that soon will be rereleased! Will come in store later this year.

BLOODGOOD - In The Trenches of Rock'n'Roll (DVD & Bluray!
This is a cool professional Rockomentary of Bloodgood! Trenches Of Rock explores the depth of their ministry, the ensuing brotherhood & camaraderie of its band members, & the hardship & perseverance it takes to keep a rock band together for 3 decades. Trenches includes in-depth interviews with many past & present BLOODGOOD members, openly sharing their individual perspectives, internal struggles, triumphs & tragedies, layered throughout reels of unseen archival footage, much of which were obtained from the personal collections of the band. Trenches is essential viewing for BLOODGOOD & rock & roll fans alike, as well as anyone who wants an up close look at what makes a historical band legendary. Will be released on both DVD and BLURAY!

JOSHUA - Intense Defense (Remastered) CD
This Melodic Metal/AOR classics with Rob Rock on vocals will seen be rereleased! The whole Intense Defense album has been remastered, making it even better with a cleaner and more powerful sound with more punch. Take the chance and preorder this Melodic Metal classic filled to the bone with catchy hooks and amazing guitar solos!

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