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    THEOCRACY -  Mosaic Blue Marble LP THEOCRACY  -  Mosaic   Blue Marble   

    Mosaic on Blue Marble double vinyl! Power Metal of highest caliber. ($36/€36)

    THEOCRACY - Mosaic Orange Svart Marble LP THEOCRACY  -  Mosaic   Mosaic Orange Black Marble   

    Mosaic on Orange Black Marble double vinyl!. Power Metal of highest caliber. ($36/€36)

    WYTCH HAZEL - Pentecost LP WYTCH  HAZEL  -  Pentecost   

    Pentecost on yellow vinyl. Classic British Metal with lots of hooks. ($30/€30)

    WYTCH HAZEL - Sacrament LP WYTCH  HAZEL  -  Sacrament   

    Sacrament on Clear vinyl. Classic British Metal. ($30/€30)

    IMPELLITTERI - Screaming Symphony LP IMPELLITTERI  -  Screaming  Symphony

    Guitar shredding master piece now finally available on LP! Screaming Symphony is a Melodic Metal classic with tons of guitar shredding with Chris Impellitteri. Vocalist is no other than Rob Rock. A must have for all fans of guitar shredding metal! Printed in 444 copies only. ($37/€37)

    STAIRWAY - No Rest No Mercy LP NWOBHM STAIRWAY  No  Rest  No  Mercy

    Stairway's first album now finally released on vinyl! Cool cover by Rodney Matthews and great music in classic NWOBHM (New Way Of British Heavy Metal) style. Album includes bonus tracks Anybody There and Walk Away from the White Metal Warriors compilation. Limited to 200 copies only. ($30/€30)

    DELIVERANCE - Weapons of our Warfare Picture Disc DELIVERANCE  -  Weapons  of  our  Warfare  Picture  Disc

    Extremely cool picture disc with one of the coolest covers ever! in store ($40/€40)

    SOUNDLESS WHISPER - Breakthrough - great progressive gothic rock / metal with very catchy choruses featuring John Schlitt as guest singer on 4 tracks SOUNDLESS  WHISPER  - Breakthrough

    Soundless Whisper is the new Swedish wonder of Christian Metal! They have a style of their own with influences from Gothic Rock and Progressive Metal spiced up with very strong catchy melodic choruses and harmonies. Guest vocalist on 4 tracks is no other than John Schlitt of Petra! Also love the insightful Biblical lyrics. Excellent album and without doubt one of the very best of 2022. Released on exclusive purple vinyl. ($20/€20)  in store

    NARNIA - Ghost Town Melodic Metal at its finest NARNIA  -  Ghost  Town

    Narnia's new album is like a cool smorgasbord of their previous releases with plenty of guitar solos and catchy hooks as well as progressive and varied tunes to enjoy. Christian has a great voice and he sings better than ever. Together with worldclass musicians like Carl Johan Grimmark, Andreas "Habo Johansson", Jonatan Samuelsson and Martin Härenstam Narnia clearly shows why they are one of the best Melodic Metal bands out there. Highly recommended release! ($22/€22)  in store

    stryper the final battle worldclass melodic metal on black, red and dark yellow marble vinyl stryper the final battle worldclass melodic metal on black, red and dark yellow marble vinyl stryper the final battle worldclass melodic metal on black, red and dark yellow marble vinyl STRYPER  -  The  Final  Battle

    The brand new album showing Stryper at their best with another superb Melodic Metal album!

    Released on Gatefold Double LP. Available in black ($35/€35), red ($37/€37) and yellow marble vinyl ($37/€37). in store

    LEVITICUS - Knights of Heaven LP great melodic hardrock with tons of catchy hooks for fans of Europe LEVITICUS
    Knights  of  Heaven

    Melodic Hardrock/Metal at its finest! Now remastered on coloured vinyl in a limited edition of 200 copies. Produced by John & Dino Elefante. ($40/€40)

    LEVITICUS - Settings Fire To The Earth LP LEVITICUS
    Settings  Fire  To  The  Earth

    Great Melodic Hardrock! Now remastered on coloured vinyl. Limited edition of 200 copies. ($40/€40)

    LEVITICUS - The Strongest Power LP LEVITICUS
    The  Strongest  Power

    Classic Metal release! Now remastered on coloured vinyl. Limited edition of 200 copies. ($40/€40)

    LEVITICUS - I Shall Conquer LP remastered 2022 LEVITICUS
    I  Shall  Conquer

    First album with these Swedish Christian Metal pioneers. Now remastered with better sound on on coloured vinyl. Limited edition of 200 copies. ($40/€40)

    PETRA - This Means War LP christian melodic hardrock at its finest PETRA
    This  Means  War

    Remastered reissue of Petra's classic rock album from 1987 now released on cool green vinyl! The remastering sounds awesome and makes this classic even more enjoyable. This is excellent Commercial Melodic Hardrock with very catchy sing-along-choruses, catchy hooks and great guitarplay. Definately one of Petra's best and heaviest albums! Produced by John & Dino Elefante. ($40/€40) in store

    ALL FOR THE KING - Let There Be Light LP catchy heavy riffs appealing to fans of Place of Skulls and early Veni Domine ALL  FOR  THE  KING
    Let  There  Be  Light

    All For The King is back with a new album with a much heavier and also more melodic sound. Great progression! The album is filled to the bone with catchy heavy riffs appealing to fans of Place of Skulls and early Veni Domine. Lyrically this is also very inspiring and Christ centered. To sum it up this is a great Heavy Melodic Metal album! ($23/€23) in store

    The Shelter
    The Way, Truth and Life

    Get  Ready

    Modest Attraction's wellproduced demo now released on vinyl for the first time ever! All tunes are remastered on this limited red vinyl (200 copies) with plenty of great 70's Metal to enjoy! ($40/€40)

    MODEST ATTRACTION - The Truth In Your Face LP great swedish 70s metal MODEST  ATTRACTION
    The  Truth  In  Your  Face

    Modest Attraction's debut on vinyl for the first time! All tunes are remastered. Released on limited gatefold blue white vinyl on just 200 copies. Besides lyrics there are also a separate sheet included featuring the band's interesting history. Cool album with great 70's Metal! ($40/€40)

    MODEST ATTRACTION - Divine Luxury LP  Outstanding pure 70's Metal for fans of Uriah Heep and Sweet MODEST  ATTRACTION
    Divine  Luxury

    The band's 2nd album now finally on vinyl! All tunes are remastered on this limited (200 copies) purple gatefold vinyl. Besides lyrics there are also a separate sheet included featuring the band's interesting history. Outstanding pure 70's Metal! ($40/€40)

    BLOODGOOD - Metal Missionaries LP BLOODGOOD
    Metal  Missionaries

    Bloodgood's classic demo released on vinyl for the first time ever! All tunes are also remastered ($23/€23)

    leviticus jag skall segra 2021 LEVITICUS  -  Jag  skall  segra!

    Finally Leviticus classic debut album from 1983 has been remastered on vinyl! This is the original Swedish version with the cool different cover. With the remaster you can now hear more details and the album overall sounds better than ever. Check out this cool Melodic Hardrock/Metal album from these Christian Metal pioneers. ($40/€40) in store

    THEOCRACY As The World Bleeds White Double vinyl THEOCRACY  -  As  The  World  Bleeds  White/Black  marble  vinyl  +  Blood  Red  vinyl

    Classic Power Metal on Double LP White/Black marble vinyl + Blood Red vinyl. Limited to 700 copies. Also includes a huge A2 artwork poster! ($29/€29) in store

    THEOCRACY As The World Bleeds White Double vinyl THEOCRACY  -  As  The  World  Bleeds  White  Double  vinyl

    Classic Power Metal on white double vinyl. Limited to 300 copies. Also includes a huge A2 artwork poster! ($29/€29) in store

    MORTIFICATION Live Planetarium one of the best death metal albums ever MORTIFICATION  -  Live  Planetarium

    Amazing live album with Mortification at their best with classics from their first three albums. All tracks are remastered and sound quality is brilliant. This got to be one of the best live albums ever! Brutal and catchy Death Metal at its best and a must have for anyone into this genre. ($29/€29) in store

    MORTIFICATION death metal MORTIFICATION  -  Mortification

    Great debutalbum with Thrash influenced Death Metal. All tracks are remastered. Released on cool green vinyl. ($29/€29) in store

    MORTIFICATION scrolls of the megilloth silver lp death metal classic MORTIFICATION  -  Scrolls  of  the  Megilloth

    Death Metal classic now on silver vinyl! All tracks are remastered. ($29/€29) in store

    MORTIFICATION post momentary afflication death metal with industrial influences MORTIFICATION  -  Post  Momentary  Affliction

    Cool Death Metal with industrial influences. All tracks are remastered. ($29/€29) in store

    MORTIFICATION ancient prophecy overseer vinyl ep MORTIFICATION  -  Ancient  Prophecy/Overseer

    Rare EP featuring the tracks Ancient Prophecy, Overseer, Time Crusader and Butchered Mutilation. ($23/€23) in store

    MORTIFICATION primitive rhythm machine MORTIFICATION  -  Primitive  Rhythm  Machine

    Mortification went full on Thrash on this release. All tracks are remastered. ($29/€29) in store

    MORTIFICATION envision evangelene MORTIFICATION  -  Envision  Evangelene

    Cool concept album from the angels point of view. Stylewise this is mostly Classic Metal with some Thrash thrown in. All tracks are remastered. ($29/€29) in store

    BLOODGOOD  -  Bloodgood

    This was the debut album that showed right away that Bloodgood is a metal band to be reckoned with. All tracks are remmastered and released on cool redblack vinyl. Albums also includes a huge exclusive poster. Size 24*24"/61*61 cm! ($35/€35) in store

    BLOODGOOD  -  Detonation

    Very cool and exclusive reissue of classic metal band Bloodgood's second album! Remastered on both yellow/orange LP (100 copies) and blue (50 copies). Albums also includes a huge exclusive poster (24*24"/61*61 cm)! Yellow/orange costs $35/€30 and the blue costs $40/€40. in store

    bloodgood detonation blå lp bloodgood detonation gul lp

    BLOODGOOD  -  Dangerously  Close

    The comeback album released on both black (100 copies), red (200 copies) and silver vinyl (200 copies)! Albums also includes a huge exclusive poster (24*24"/61*61 cm). Black costs ($30/€30), red ($35/€35) and silver vinyl is $40/€40. bloodgood dangerously close röd vinyl bloodgood dangerously close silver vinyl in store

    deliverance what a joke grön vinyl DELIVERANCE  -  What  A  Joke

    Speed Metal metallers third album is now available on cool green vinyl! This is the first time ever we can enjoy this album on LP. Remastered exclusive limited edition (1000 copies) that also features a huge exclusive poster (24*24"/61*61 cm). ($35/€35) in store

    bride snakes in the playground lp ruffig melodisk metal för fans av Guns'n'Roses

    BRIDE  - Snakes  In  The  Playground

    Finally this metal classic is released on LP! All tunes are remastered. Rough and catchy melodic metal for fans of Guns'n'Roses. ($40/€40)

    bride kinetic faith green vinyl

    BRIDE  -  Kinetic  Faith

    Remastered in limited edition of 750 copies on on cool green vinyl! ($35/€35) in store

    theocracy vit gatefold dubbellp THEOCRACY  -  Theocracy

    Debut album now on white gatefold double vinyl! Power Metal at its best. Limited edition in 300 copies. ($35/€35) in store

    PANTOKRATOR - Marching out of Babylon PANTOKRATOR  -  Marching  out  of  Babylon

    Bombastic, Melodic and Brutal Death Metal. Pantokrators new album delivers in all ways and is a must have to all that into music that is both brutal and melodic! This varied and wellproduced album is higly recommended if you into the classic "Gothenburg sound". Includes cool poster! ($30/€30)

    bjOrn stigsson together with friends BJöRN  STIGSSON  -  Together  With  Friends

    Finally we can now enjoy Björn Stigssons (Leviticus, XT) classic solo album again! All tunes have been remastered and the vinyl is released in limited edition (200 copies) on random colours. Great Classic Metal with plenty of hooks and great guitarplay! ($40/€40)

    tamplin and friends and axe to grind lp TAMPLIN  AND  FRIENDS  -  An  Axe  To  Grind

    Ken Tamplin (Shout/Joshua/Magdallan) is a fantastic guitarist & vocalist. An Axe To Grind is his first solo album (originally released 1990) and it is filled to the bone with amazing guitar solos! Album also features Ken Mary, Joey Tafolla, Lanny Cordola, Scott Van Zen, Chuck Wright, Roger Mielke and Mark St. John! All tracks are remastered making them sound better than ever. Three bonus tracks have also been added. This album is a guitar feast and a must have for all into guitar solos and catchy hooks. Higly Recommended! Released on blue white splitter vinyl. ($29/€29) in store

    An Axe To Grind teaser

    saint too late for living purple lp heavy metal classic for fans of judas priest SAINT  -  Too  Late  For  Living  (purple 2020)

    Heavy Metal classic! Reissued and remastered on purple vinyl in just 200 copies. ($60/€60)

    saint times end red lp SAINT  -  Time's  End  (red edition 2020)

    Great Heavy Metal. Reissued and remastered on red vinyl in just 200 copies! ($60/€60)

    Vengeance human sacrifice lp VENGEANCE  RISING  -  Human  Sacrifice  (Limited Edition 2020)

    Fantastic Thrash Metal and in my opinion the coolest cover ever! Black vinyl printed in 500 copies only. ($35/€35) in store

    stryper even the devil believes

    STRYPER  -  Even  the  devil  Believes

    Stryper's new album is one of their best ever! Filled with amazing guitar solos, catchy hooks, screams and singalong songs. The cool cover shows that even the devil one day will have to bow his knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. This is Melodic Metal at its finest and a must have for all Stryper fans! Best Metal Album of 2020! Available on Black ($29/€29), Red ($40/€40) and Purple vinyl ($40/€40). in store

    the waymaker lp THE  WAYMAKER  -  The  Waymaker (gatefold)

    Christian Liljegren (Narnia, Divinefire, Golden Resurrection) has teamed up with Jani Stefanovic (Divinefire)and Jani's wife Katja Stefanovic. Together they have put out out one of the best Melodic Metal releases this year. The album features the Stryper cover Soldier's Under Command where guitar shredder Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia) adds the guitar solo. The Waymakers sound is melodic, atmospheric and bombastic featuring both fast drums, catchy hooks, sing along choruses and shredding guitars. Wow, this strong, annointed, inspiring and excellent album is without a doubt one of the very best metal albums in 2020! ($23/€23) in store

    PETER CARLSOHN'S THE RISE - Out of the Blue PETER  CARLSOHN'S  THE  RISE  -  Out  of  the  Blue

    First solo album by the bass player from Jerusalem and XT! Peter handles both bass and lead vocals. Cutta John Kåre Gullestad assists on lead and background vocals and on drums Michael Ulvsgärd (ex-Jerusalem). Svenne Jansson (Golden Resurrection) handles keyboard and hammond organ while Stephen Carlson and Lars Carlsohn takes care of the guitar shredding. The music is melodic bluesbaserad rock with plenty of 70's feel. The hammond organ especially make the cool 70's Metal feel. The catchy hooks and choruses makes you instantly sing along with some of the tracks at first listen. Fans of Jerusalem and XT's debut album will definitely enjoy this album. A fun detail is that the vinyl is blue, which fits perfect since the album is named Out of the Blue! Recommended to fans of catchy hookbased melodic bluesbased hardrock. ($23/€23)

    Mastedon It's A Jungle Out There with John Elefante ex Kansas MASTEDON  -  It's  A  Jungle  Out  There

    Classic album that finally have been remastered and rereleased! Excellent melodic hardrock with tasty guitar solos and catchy hooks! In other words this is metal hit tunes of highest calibre. It also features exclusive bonus track Wasn't It Love. Thanks to the remaster the sound is now heavier and have more punch that it was on the original. Limited to 200 copies. ($45/€45)

    Mastedon Lofcaudio with John Elefante ex Kansas MASTEDON  -  Lofcaudio

    Finally Lofcaudio is remastered and rereleased! Mastedon's 2nd album is filled with excellent melodic hardrock with tasty guitar solos and tons of catchy hooks! In other words this is metal hit tunes of highest calibre. Thanks to the remaster the sound is now heavier and have more punch that it was on the original. Limited to 200 copies. ($45/€45)

    Jerusalem krigsman Gatefold LP (Swedish version of Warrior)

    JERUSALEM  -  Krigsman

    Jerusalem's classic 3rd album! This is the Swedish version that was rereleased as Gatefold a few years ago. ($25/€25) in store

    The Brave battle cries great Melodic Rock / AOR

    THE  BRAVE  -  Battle  Cries

    Catchy A0R/Melodic Hardrock now finally rereleased. The albums features tons of hooks, catchy melodies and sing along songs. All tracks are remastered giving them more punch. As bonus tracks there are also different mixes of All Together Now and Running All My Life. Great catchy Melodic Rock album! Limited to 200 copies. ($45/€45)

    saint the calf orange/gold lp great true heavy metal for fans of judas priest

    SAINT  -  The  Calf

    New album with Saint! Released on both CD and LP. The LP is released on cool Orange/Gold Translucent Vinyl. Great Classic Heavy Metal with new talented vocalist and soundwise the band have returned to the classic Saint sound! ($25/€25)

    place of skulls live album PLACE  OF  SKULLS  -  Live

    Heavy & Majestic Doom Metal with classic doom metaller Victor Griffin and his band Place of Skulls. This is a very rare and limited edition of their live album. ($27/€27) in store

    antestor kungsblod slow atmospheric black metal GROMS  -  Ascension

    Ascension is a Christcentered classic brutal metal release. It is has been out of print for years, but now it is finally available again. All tracks have been remastered making the tunes sounding fuller and better than ever! Cover has also been improved by Karl Walfridsson of Pantokrator. Great album and a must have for fans of Schaliach, early Mortification and other oldschool Death Metal bands. Limited Gatefold edition in 230 copies. ($27/€27) in store

    deliverance weapons lp speed/thrash metal classic for Metallica fans DELIVERANCE  -  Weapons  of  Our  Warfare  LP  (Yellow vinyl)

    Speed/Thrash classic! Limited edition on Yellow vinyl in just 300 copies! ($30/€30)

    Narnia from darkness to light 
 released on white,red and black vinyl! NARNIA  -  From  Darkness  To  Light

    New Narnia is phenomenal and gives us Melodic Metal of highest caliber and their best album since Long Live The King! Loaded to the bone with catchy melodies, guitar solos this album just shreds all the way through. Available in black, red and white gatefold vinyl. ($27/€27) in store

    NARNIA  -  Long  Live  The  King  (20th Anniversary Edition)

    Finally Long Live The King is available on LP! Brilliant guitar solos and catchy melodies makes this Metal Classic to a must have to all fans of Melodic Metal! Available in black gatefold LP ($27/€27) and on exclusive Picture Disc ($33/€30). in store

    narnia long live the king picture disc limited edition narnia long live the king lp

    theocracy mirror of souls dubbel lp THEOCRACY  -  Mirror  of  Souls  (Double LP)

    Finally Mirror of Souls has been released on double LP (gatefold)! Available in black (350 copies) ($23/€23) . Brilliant Melodic Metal with mighty choirs and catchy harmonies! in store

    narnia we still believe - professional live album recorded in Brazil!

    NARNIA  -  We  Still  Believe  (Live) LP

    Brilliant live album with an amazing sound quality! It is recorded in Brazil with a very enthusiastic crowd that loudly sings along to every tune. Wow! To listen to this live album truly makes you feel like are in the audience. A fantastic live album and one of the best, ever! Available on Limited Gatefold double LP that is printed in 300 copies only! ($35/€35)

    saint in the battle on white vinyl! SAINT  -  In  The  Battle

    Saint's comeback album is now finally available on white vinyl! Great Classic Heavy Metal for fans of bands like Judas Priest. ($23/€23) in store

    Crystavox great melodic 80s metal! CRYSTAVOX  -  Crystavox  (Remastered)

    Very catchy melodic hardrock with cathy hooks and cool guitar solos! All tunes are remastered making them sounding better than ever with a fuller and crisper sound. Fans of real 80 melodic metal definately gonna enjoy this. Check it out if you are into bands like Stryper, Whitecross and melodic 80s hardrock/metal overall. Available on black vinyl ($20/€17)and purple vinyl ($27/€27, printed in 150 copies).

    Crystavox the bottom line - great melodic metal CRYSTAVOX  -  The  Bottom  Line  (Remastered)

    Heavy, catchy and melodic is 3 words to decribe the sound of this brilliant album! Crystavox second album features a heavier sound than their debut. Great catchy Melodic Metal album with crunchy biting guitars. All tunes are remastered making these great tunes sounds better than ever. Higly recommended to all fans of catchy Melodic Heavy Metal! Available on black vinyl ($20/€20)> and red vinyl ($27/€22, printed in 150 copies) .

    XT saved by the blood on LP!XT  - Saved  By The  Blood

    XT's latest album on LP! Excellent melodic heavy metal.($27/€27 in store)

    Guardian Fire And Love on both orange and black vinyl! GUARDIAN - Fire and Love

    Remastered and first time ever on LP! Great Melodic Metal with some the best metal power ballads ever! Available in both orange (printed in 200 copies and costs $27/€22) and black (printed in 300 copies and costs $20/€20) vinyl. ()

    sacred warior master's command for 
   fans of Queensryche and Fates Warning!SACRED WARRIOR - Master's Command

    Extremely cool cover! One of the best Heavy Metal albums ever! Black vinyl printed in 200 copies only. ($20/€20 - in store )

    narnia lp gatefold Narnia - Narnia LP

    Narnia's brand new album is the best they have released since Long Live The King! Great Melodic Metal with enjoyable melodies and fantastic guitar solos. Very good looking professional LP (gatefold) with a fantastic cool cover! ($20/€20)

    harmony theatre of redemption lp Harmony - Theatre of Redemption LP

    Latest album with Harmony. Limited to 500 copies.($20/€20)

    thwtdangelcovermini.jpg Stryper - To Hell With The devil

    Melodic Metal at its finest. This is the cool Angel cover in Gatefold version. ($20/€20)

    STRYPER - Yellow and Black Attack (blue vinyl)

    Special version of first album on blue vinyl with a circular cover shaped after the LP! ($20/€20)

    strypershapedmini.jpgSTRYPER - Shaped Picture Disc 7"

    Megacool EP shaped after the the Stryper logotype!! Features the tracks Always There For You and In God We Trust. This has to be the coolest of all cool special LP and singles the band has released! ($20/€20) in store

    interviewpicturediscmini.jpgSTRYPER - Interview Picture Disc

    Exclusive Picture Disc with pictures of på Michael Sweet and Timothy Gaines! The album contains a very interesting 45 minute interview with Michael Sweet. ($20/€20)

    thwtdpicturediscmini.jpgSTRYPER - To Hell With The Devil Picture Disc

    Megacool Numbered Picture Disc with pictures from the band members printed on the LP! ($33/€33)

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