Metal Community is a Metal Shop / distributor for Christian Hardrock & Metal. The shop is based in Sweden. We focus on Melodic Metal, Classic Metal, Heavy Metal and Speed/Thrash Metal.

We try to focus on quality albums that truly are something extra. Quality instead of quantity is our motto! We also try to get cool special cds, exclusive LPs and rare stuff in limited editions. Since we are based in Sweden we also have plenty of cool stuff from Sweden. So check around and see what you can find! I'm sure you will be positively surprised about all the great Christian Metal bands there are.


Cool stuff with Stryper is also something Metal Community specialize in. If you enjoy Stryper you have definately came to the right place! As far as I know there are no other place in Europe where you can get as many cool Stryper stuff as we carry. Most of the Stryper - items are collected on the special section

Metal Community also carries special band merchandise, posters, cool t-shirts, LPs etc. This is what you can expect from Metal Community and I really try to go the extra mile to make you happy with your purchase.

If you are interested in cool crosses, jewellery and brutal Christian Metal (Death Metal, Black Metal etc) I highly recommend that you visit my colleague Henrik Larsson's shop called the White Metal Shop


When you have found something you want to order just mail your order to You can pay with Paypal or by doing a bank transfer with IBAN and BIC-kod (free within Europe!)


Postage is not included in the prices.
Postage for 1-2 cds = $8
Postage for 3-4 cds = $12.

If you have questions or comments feel free to send a mail Also, if you want to know more about Christian metal or Christian faith you can find plenty of info and links on the Metal For Jesus Page

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